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The Cat Enclosure

In 2005 we found a solution to letting Basil and our two Siberian Cats (Pumpkin and Salem) safely enjoy the outdoors. We contracted Cat's Den - Habitat Haven to build us a cat enclosure. The enclosure is built out of tough, plastic-coated steel wire that can resist attempts by hungry racoons to make a snack out of Basil. Not only is Basil protected on all four-walls and the top, the steel wire grid also extends over the bottom to prevent predators from burrowing into the enclosure (we've coverd the bottom grid by about 6 inches of soil to allow us to plant grasses, clover and flowers inside the enclosure for Basil to munch on).

Dog House and Pig Blanket

In the spring or early fall, evenings can get to be too cool for Basil. To extend the time that Basil could spend outside at night, we bought a log cabin style dog house. To add some warmth for Basil, we installed a pig blanket that we bought from Kane Manufacturing.